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A MyHome automation system enables all the electrical functions in a home - such as lighting, air-conditioning, audio entertainment and video intercoms - to communicate with each other and be controlled together from central points. For example, a 'Goodbye' switch at the front door could turn off all the lights, air-conditioning, and close all the curtains. 

 Here are the unique benefits of the Legrand MyHome system:

  • Integration - All the different systems, like lighting and sound, are based on the same 2 wire simplified cabling system (SCS) so they can be integrated with ease. This reduces programming time, complexity and problems
  •  Uniformity - Conventional devices, such as powerpoints, share the same design aesethic as automation control devices, so all switch plates work in harmony
  •  Modularity - You can just install the functions that are desired; not a huge complex system that will never be properly utilised. This makes it much more cost effective
  • Expandability - The system is scaleable and can be expanded at any time. So you could start with lighting control and a video intercom system, and add the sound diffusion and temperature control systems at a later date
  •  Ease of use - It's the easiest system to use!

If you are interested in learning more about MyHome, looking for a MyHome installer, or wish to become a MyHome installer, give us a call on 0800 476 009.