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Temperature Control

Increase Comfort

The MyHome temperature control system integrates easily with air-conditioning systems via IR. The system can be controlled locally or remotely via smart phone or computer. For example, a homeowner can turn on the air-conditioning when they are leaving work so their home is a comfortable temperature upon their return.

  • Based on 2 wire BUS system
  • Suitable for controlling heating and cooling systems
  • Capacity to control up to 99 zones
  • Install up to 9 thermostats per zone
  • Capacity to control any kind of splitter using I.R.
  • Integrates easily with MyHome Lighting, Sound Diffusion and Intercom systems
  • Stylish switches available in the 17 luxurious Arteor finishes

Download the catalogue for more information or give us a call on 0800 476 009 and chat with one of our Technical Customer Service team members.