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Energy Monitoring System

An Aware User is One That Saves

With a Legrand Energy Monitoring system it’s easy to see how much gas and electricity a property is consuming. With a few simple components, you can view energy usage data in a user-friendly format on a colour touchscreen. Studies have shown that simply displaying energy consumption results in users changing their routines, or correcting faults, which reaps savings of 10-15%! So it's well worth installing a system in all properties. 

  • Consumption can be displayed as real-time or cumulative data (eg. daily, weekly, monthly) in graphical or table format to make interpretation easy
  • Set tariff values to view data in cost form
  • Manage loads: automatically disconnects appliances in a prioritised order when a pre-determined level is reached 

The system is based on an easy 2 wire BUS and includes the following components:  

  • 16A actuator for load management
  • Pulse counter interfaces
  • Toroid power meters 

Download the Energy Management Brochure for more information or give us a call on 0800 476 009 and chat with one of our Technical Customer Service team members.