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Connected Video Internal Unit

Modern Connected Simple

The new Classe 300X allows you to transform every home into a connected home, effortlessly controlled by an app on a smartphone, whenever and wherever you are. The dedicated app connects with the unit - allowing the user to manage calls, open the gate, control lights, activate security cameras and even turn on the sprinklers…Everything with a simple touch, from anywhere in the world.

Door Entry App

A step-by-step guide to help you connect your smartphone to the CLASSE 300X13E unit

  • Once the Wi-Fi connection is on, select the network you want to connect to on your CLASSE 300X13E unit
  • Enter your Wi-Fi network password
  • Once the configure key is pressed within the Door Entry app, it will search for the CLASSE 300X13E unit and automatically connect and self-configure

Top tips

The unit automatically connects to the Wi-Fi network, you do NOT need to configure your router.

The CLASSE 300X13E transfers all data and configurations [cameras, door locks, activations etc.] to the app and updates automatically after every change.

You can display the mobile devices connected to the CLASSE 300X13E and choose whether to disconnect a user at any time.