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For lovers of beautiful design, Arteor is an exquisite collection of light switches, dimmers, power, audio, video, data, and USB sockets designed to enhance modern interiors. Original materials with stunning finishes position the range at the forefront of electrical accessories. Perfectly in sync with new technologies, the lines of Arteor echo those of high-tech objects increasingly found in interiors: LCDs, plasma screens, digital photo frames, and computer screens. Arteor represents the future of electrical accessories for the design conscious and technology enthusiast.

 Tip: Because Arteor is a modular system - meaning the grid, mechanisms and coverplates are purchased separately to allow electricians to customise solutions for each project - there are millions of possible combinations. On this website we showcase a selection of the entire range. If you are an Electrical Contractor or Specifier, download the Trade Catalogue for more extensive information and get in touch with our Customer Service team on 0800 476 009. If you are a Homeowner, Architect or Interior Designer, download the Consumer Brochure and have a chat with your Electrical Contractor.