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Excel Life Matt

Meet Excel Life Smart, a collection of intelligent wiring devices second to none. Combining local design and world-class smart home technology by Netatmo, each device can be controlled by touch, voice or a smart device. 


Smart Convenience

Set schedules and scenarios tailored to your personal lifestyle needs. Turn appliances and lights on or off remotely to save energy, improve security, or increase safety. Switch all household lights and appliances off with a single press of the wireless master switch.

Reliable Security

With Excel Life Smart, you'll never need to worry about compromising your personal data. Our products use high-encryption protocols backed by Legrand's strict privacy guidelines, meaning that you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure at all times.

Easy Installation

Easy to install with existing Excel Life installations, the Excel Life Smart range of devices are based on standard 240V wiring and feature integrated smart technology. With Excel Life Smart, there's no need to change or upgrade any existing lights or appliances.


Excel Life Smart Home Owner Guide

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