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Catalogue No. 682085

Test switch and sensing module

If you are manually testing emergency lighting installations, these test switch and sensing modules are what you need.

  • Ability to perform an initial 120min test and 90min tests
  • Available in two options:
    • 1) key operated surface mount unit
    • 2) OEM DIN mounted push-button unit for integrating into switchboards 
  • Optional 8 Channel Phase Sensing Module is to be used when sensing other phases or lighting circuits. If one of the inputs detects loss of power, it will actuate the contactor on the test switch activating the emergency lighting


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Catalogue No. 682298

AXIOM system

Axiom is a wireless computer monitoring system for testing emergency lighting. Using Axiom reduces ongoing emergency lighting costs by eliminating manual testing of each unit.

An Axiom network consists of a number of “areas”. Each is managed by its own Wireless Area Controller (WAC). A serial cable connects each WAC to a centralised PC. The PC regularly collects data from each WAC, and also schedules polling and discharge tests.

Axiom systems have been installed in such projects as the Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport, Curtain University, Auckland University, Darwin Convention Centre, Brisbane’s Central Plaza and multiple defence projects.


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Catalogue No.


A wireless emergency lighting testing system that is smart building ready, emergency lighting testing has never been easier.


  • Long range wide area network communication for maximum coverage and infiltration
  • Bluetooth for direct communication with every emergency luminaire
  • Wi-Fi for simple connectivity to the Galaxy web application


  • Up to 30% reduction in installation cost
  • Minimal infrastructure
  • Plug and play into existing IT infrastructure
  • Easy retrofit into existing structures


  • Up to 50% faster
  • Smart device enabled
  • No need for manual recording


  • Geographical locations of luminaires
  • Easy to use, smart device enabled software
  • BMS compatible

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